The following originals are no longer available

"Sanctuary" mixed media (photography and oil on Rives laminated on hard board) 22 x 72 in. In the collection of Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington, WA

Delta Sunset in ;rivate collection, Camano Island, WA

Davis Slough  12 x 72 in. Private collection, NYC

 Snow Geese Over the Skagit Flats Private collection

Saratoga Passage, 16 x 72

Sunset Cliffs (Triptych) mixed media (photography and acrylics on rice paper) 45 x 14 in. each section Private collection, Sammamish, WA

Olympic Triptych private collection,



Deception Pass I & II (60 x 24 in. each) Private collection, Camano Island, WA

Cascades 62 x 26 in. Private collection

Rhodi Scroll