Some Original Works Commissioned or Purchased for Public Spaces

(not shown are prints and photography purchased for public spaces or originals and prints in private and corporate collections)

Cascade Autumn” mixed media with pan pastels, 30 x 90 in. Providence Everett Hospital Tower Complex

Davis Slough III” mixed media with acrylics on rice paper mounted on linen on birch panel, 27 x 72 in. Skagit Valley Hospital

Fishing on Lake Wenatchee” mixed media with acrylics and photography, 24 x 60 in. Snohomish County Courthouse

Two Birches” mixed media with acrylics and photography on rice paper, 30 x 80 in. Providence Everett Hospital Cancer Care Facility

Stillaguamish Sunset” mixed media with acrylics and photography on rice paper, 21 x 72 in. lobby of Cascade Skagit Health Alliance, Arlington, WA

Sanctuary” mixed media with oils mounted on birch panel, 24 x 72 in. Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington, WA

Square Dance” mixed media with encaustic mounted on panel, 15 x 44 in. Veteran's Administration Hospital, Tacoma, WA

Oasis” mixed media with acrylics and photography on rice paper mounted on linen, 27 x 72 in. Aqua Soleil Hotel Spa, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Oyster Pickers on the Hood Canal, mixed media on rice paper, 16 x 72, Peninsula College, Port Angeles, WA

Yonnah's Studio Shelf” photography, 15 x 72 in. for Youngstown Flats Apartment Complex, Seattle, WA (one of eight photo montages)

Brittania Mine” photo montage for Youngstown Flats, Seattle

Chinook Pass Vertical, 60 x 22 in., Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

Snowfall on the Skykomish River, Marysville, WA Public Library

Diablo Canyon, 72 x 24 in., Skagit Valley Hospital Riverbend Complex

Blue Morpho” and “White Tree Nymph” mixed media with oil pastels and photography, 23 x 31 in. each for St. Andrews Hospital, Denver