Public Works Now Available in book form from Dekel Press

River Road” 14 x 63 in. (link to Roadwork” a 2 minute video)

Roadwork Diptych I” monotype, printer's relief ink and tar on cotton rag paper, 22 x 30 (each panel)

Roadwork Diptych II” monotype, printer's relief ink and tar on handmade paper, 20 x 30 (each panel)

Pentimento I, II, III (Brooklyn) digital photographs 30 x 20 in. ea.

Road Sign

Water and Sewer” gas fired ceramics

Water Works (WOW)

Thames Water (England), mixed media with crayon and ink. 10 ft. x 2 ft.

Morris Industries

Sumner Iron Works” platter, 17 in. diameter, cone 10 gas fired

Sumner Iron Works” crayon, oil pastels, acrylic, graphite on paper, 23 x 21 in.

Sumner II

The Fifth Estate (from the Bellingham Herald, August 16, 1949)