Assemblage & Sculptures

My art tends to be narrative and also integrated, stories within stories. Perhaps this stems from my background in film, which consists of a series of still images with sound to produce a story, although in some cultures film bears a greater resemblance to painting. - Chaim Bezalel


Videos on Assemblage and Installation Work Containing Ceramics

Video - “Shards”

Video - “The End of the American Frontier”

Video - “Our Town”

Video - “Catwalk”

Video - “Lodgepole Pine”

Video - “My Grandmother's Matchbook Collection”

Page 1 - “Shards” - Works in Shadow Boxes

Stars and Stripes I mixed media in 7-UP crate (19x12x4) all measurements in inches

Stars and Stripes II mixed media in Canada Dry crate (12x18x6)

Return for Redemption 1975 mixed media in Coca-Cola crate (19x12x4)

Stars and Stripes III mixed media in hand made box (22x8x3)

To a Hammer Every Problem is a Nail mixed media in fruit box (17x25x3)

Pixillated Pine ceramic tiles fired with engobs in fruit box (25x17x3)

Creation I mixed media in hand made box (28x13x4)

Creation II mixed media in hand made box (18x21x4)

Time & Tide mixed media (25x21x6)

Shards porcelain shards with copper enamels by the artist (10x15x2)

Shipworm Tile Nautical Box (33x16x6)

Image, Shadow, and Artifact (11x9x2)

My Grandmother's Matchbook Collecion porcelain tiles with fired in laser decals (15x15x3) link to installation of Matchbook Collection

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Homage to Walter Benjamin) laser decal on porcelain showing plastic Davids and Venuses for sale in Florence) 16x9x2

Self Reliance porcelain shards with antique handmade wrench (homage to Ralph Waldo Emerson) 15x15x3

Old Growth Tree Rings clay tiles in cedar box (14x26x6)

Design Elements from Corinthian Columns (40x24x3)


from the series “Religion is Art and Art is Religion” (though not in the strictest sense)

Religione porcelain shards, acrylics, laser decals (background figures in Early Renaissance Paintings) 22x23x3

Crown of Thorns, Crown of Heaven, Crown of Buddha's Head (6x12x3)

Enjoying Everyday Life with TV Evangelists (7x21x3)

What Me Worry Beads porcelain shards, laser decals, plastic beads (15x15x3)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God (Shaker Triptych) 21x18x2

Cloud of Witnesses porcelain shards, laser decals (crowd surging through the corridors of the Vatican on the way to see the Sistine Chapel) (24x42)

Crazy Quilt (from Church Bazaars) 20x20x1

Pour Out Thy Wrath (6x34x2)

details showing (left) illustration from the Darmstadt Haggadah ca. 1430 (right) Gazans celebrating massacre at Mercaz haRav Yeshiva from Reuters, March 6, 2008

Ceramics by Chaim