Yonnah throwing on the wheel

Chaim throwing clay at a tree

Ceramics studio and kiln room

Yonnah has been a ceramics artist for 45 years. She studied at the Corcharan Gallery under the master Japanese potter, Hara. She received a Masters of Art for Teachers at the University of Washington. She has initiated artist in residence programs in Seattle and has taught both children and adults in Israel and the U.S. Chaim began working with clay and photography in 2006 and has branched out so that now he is actually touching the clay. This site contains work by Yonnah, Chaim, and also their collaboration.

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Special Firings

by Yonnah

Raku, Saggar, and Pit Fired, and Combinations

Sculpture by Yonnah

Bowls of Blessing (The 12 Tribes)

An installation by Bezalel-Levy

Tiles by Yonnah and by Chaim

Urns by Yonnah

Boxes by Yonnah

Birds by Yonnah

Shards by Chaim Bezalel