Ceramic Tiles by Chaim Bezalel

Tiles based on elements from Corinthian columns and Roman Ruins in Israel

Relief tiles from Roman ruins in Ashkelon, Israel (6x6x1 in. each)

Corinthian Tiles (4 ½ x 4 ½ in.)

Tree Pattern Tiles (4 x 4 in.)

Patterns from Herod's Palace (6 x 6 in.)

Craquelure Tiles (6 x 6 in.)

Decal Tiles (6 x 6 x ½ in.)

(above) 20 ft. section of exterior wall with irregular tiles (below) assorted wood fired porcelain tiles

Lion Tile (12 x 12 in.) wood fired porcelain


Painted Tile with assorted motifs (12 x 12 in.)

Chaim's Ceramics