Special Firings

descriptions of tecniques

Wood Fired


Raku is a method of firing pottery (see pictures below). Each piece is fired in a kiln until the piece reaches about 1800 F. The piece is removed, with tongs, while red hot and place in a metal can with a combustible material, like paper or sawdust. The combustible material ignites and the fire and smoke react with the glaze to create very unique and unpredictable colors, lusters, and patterns

Saggar Fired Ceramics

Saggar-firing is a low-temperature firing where the pots are placed in a large covered pot or wrapped with thick aluminum foil and fired with combustible material such as sawdust or seaweed which produces a strong reduction during the firing. This is one of the earliest firing techniques and often lends a "primitive" quality to the pots, producing different colors and effects.

Saku (multi-fired saggar and raku)