Paintings Arranged by Theme (each a gateway to a series)

We hope that if you find this of interest, you will take the time to further explore our website. Each page is like an exhibit, and some lead to other exhibits on related themes.

Hoh River Triptych

American Scrolls (landscapes)

American Scrolls consists of landscapes from three regions of the U.S.: “Autumn Scrolls” from the Northeast; “Pacific Scrolls” from the Pacific Rim, and “Desert Scrolls” from the Southwest. They are mixed media: acrylics and photography on rice paper, often mounted on Belgian linen.

Interior, the Little Mosque” Ashkelon, Israel (from the 14th Century)

Touching on Place - Architecture in Israel

Since 1991 we have working on a series of paintings of architectural structures and remnants from various periods. Some of these sites are not accessible to the public or no longer exist.

Acanthus III” acrylics on handmade paper

First Corinthians

Paintings, sculpture, and ceramics inspired by Classical antiquities. Exhibit planned for 2019 at the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology.

Three Men in a Tub” from home of Jean Jongeward, Seattle

East and West, Near and Far (still life)

Still life compositions, mostly found in homes of friends, family, and acquaintances around the world. They range in size from miniatures to large paintings, mostly oil pastels and photography on heavy Arches paper.

Heart of the Flower” acrylics on canvas

Butterflies, Birds, and Botanicals

Divided into three sections: Compositions with birds; butterflies; and flowers.

Totem I”

They are the Hosts; We are the Guests

Paintings of Native Americana including totems, regalia, and portraits.

Dying of Romanticism

Documenting an exhibition of paintings depicting movie stills from Hollywood to Cairo. An exploration of the role of the Middle East in providing the roots of Romanticism.


Just a few paintings from Italy, Spain, and Germany. A work in progress.

Grand Central Station, 8:11 A.M.”


Paintings of iconic American landmarks, parades, and holidays. Influences include Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, and the artists of the Farm Security Administration of the 30's.

Camano Island

A specific place in the world nestled in the Puget Sound and at the convergence of two river deltas, the Skagit and the Stillaguamish. Includes “Cama Beach Portfolio.

Doodad City

A collaboration begun in the early 90's combining street photography, largely from Tel Aviv, with oil pastels on strips of handmade paper.

"Megilla (Scroll of the Book of Esther)" Jerusalem, 2005


Paintings of Jerusalem, art inspired by the Bible, paintings of Jewish ritual objects, and paintings of the ingathering of one group of exiles,, the Ethiopian Jews.

Paintings and other work by Chaim

Paintings by Yonnah