Paintings – each image is linked to a series or theme

Our Town – acrylics on canvas.

American Scrolls - landscapes, townscapes & cityscapes

Landscapes from three regions of the U.S.: “Autumn Scrolls” from the Northeast; “Pacific Scrolls” from the Pacific Rim, “Desert Scrolls” from the Southwest, and “Gulf Scrolls” from the Gulf Coast. They are mixed media: acrylics and photography on rice paper, often mounted on Belgian linen. Book available from . Dekel Press

Touching on Place – Architectural Elements in Israel

A 30 year project of paintings from all over Israel of architectural elements. Telling the history of the land through its visible structures. Book available from Dekel Press

East and West, Near and Far – still life compositions

Still life compositions found in homes of friends, family, and acquaintances around the world.

Ashkelon – classical motifs inspired by the antiquities of Ashkelon

Paintings and sculpture by Chaim Bezalel, Yonnah Ben Levy, and their collaboration as recently exhibited at the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology.


Compositions with birds, butterflies, and flowers.

They are the Hosts, We are the Guests

Paintings of Native Americana including totems, regalia, and portraits.


Four series of paintings depicting Jerualem, Jewish ritual objects, and Biblical themes, including the ingathering of the exiles.

Dying of Romanticism

Montages of movie stills from Hollywood to Cairo exploring the role of the Middle East in providing the roots of Romanticism. First exhibited at Jerusalem International Film Festival.

Paintings by Chaim Bezalel

Paintings by Yonnah Ben Levy