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Remnants of Islamic Architecture in Israel

Interior of Minaret, Ashkelon (looking down)

Interior of Minaret, Ashkelon (looking up)

Ceiling of Mosque, Ashkelon (built in the 14th century by the Mamaluks)

Ceiling of Mosque, Ashkelon

Minaret, Ashkelon

Abandoned Structure, Ashkelon (no longer extant)


Interior of the “Little Mosque,” Ashkelon, (built in the 14th century by the Mamaluks)

Kever haShek (Tomb of the Sheik), Ashkelon overlooking the sea (14th century)

On the Coast, south of Ashkelon

Minaret, Jaffa port

Ottoman Administration Building, Jerusalem

Ottoman Fountain, Jerusalem (landowners on major routes supplied fountains to travelers.)

Inside the Damascas Gate, Jerusalem

Mamilla Section under Renovation, Jerusalem

Old City, Jerusalem, Armenian Quarter Interior

Mamilla Interior

Roof of Neve Samwel (Tomb of Samuel the Prophet)

Al Aksa Mosque, Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Old Migdal (Majdal), Ashkelon

Blocked Door, Neve Tzedek

The Little Mosque, Ceiling, Ashkelon

Kever HaSheik Interior, the tomb

Arabic Dedication and Signature of Builder of the Little Mosque (14th century)

The Little Mosque, Interior