Autumn Scrolls, Catskills 1998

When we returned to the United States, after living in Israel, we first lived on a farm in Catskill, NY. The house on the property was built in 1792. We lived in an apartment in one of the barns, and used another section for our studio. Because of family connections, we have returned often to New York in the fall, and at Thanksgiving time began a new group of paintings of Central Park.

Birches I, 17x48 in.

Birches II, 17x48 in.

Birches III, 17x48 in.

Kaaterskill Falls, 17x48 in.

Olana, 17x48 in.

Kent, 17x48 in.

Sumac, 17x48 in.

Windham, 17x48 in.

Riverbank I, 17x48 in. Sold

Riverbank II, 17x48 in. Corporate Collection

Horse and Barn, 17x48 in.

Split Rail Fence, 17x48 in.

Columbia County, 17x48 in.

Porch, 17x48 in.

Farmstead, 17x48 in.

Memorial Day Parade, Main Street, Catskill, NY, 12 x 33 in. oil on paper

Falling Leaves, 48x17 in.

Burgett Creek, 60x22 Corporate Collection

Kent Falls, 48x17 in.

Central Park, Thanksgiving 2010

Central Park I, 39x22 in. Private Collection

Central Park III, 39x22 in. Private Collection

Central Park IV, 39x22 in.

Central Park VI, 22 x 39 in.

Central Park V, 22 x 39 in.

Central Park II, 22 x 39 in.

Grand Central Station, Tuesday, ‎February ‎22, ‎2011, ‏‎8:10 AM 22 x 39 in.

Across the Hudson in Winter, 40x22 in.

4th of July over Manhattan, acrylics on linen