American Icons

Fourth of July Fireworks over Manhattan as Seen from Brooklyn” (acrylics on mounted linen) 15 x 43 in.

Grand Central Station, 8:11 A.M.” (mixed media laminated on hardboard) 25 x 44 in.

"Square Dance" (mixed media with encaustic) 15 x44 in. (Collection VA Hospital, Tacoma, WA)

           "Community"  Memorial Day Parade, 1997, Catskill NY (mixed media with oil) 11 3/4 x 33 in.

          "The Drummers Practicing" 11 3/4 x 26 in. (private collection)

       "St. Patrick's Day Parade from the Steps of the Metropolitan Museum"  11 x 25 in.

     "South Camano Grange" (mixed media with oil) 11 3/4 x 27 in. (private collection)

              "Festival of the River Pow-wow Processional"  11 x 26 in.

           "Colonial Williamsburgh" 18 x 50 in.  

      "Fly Fishing"  11 x 30 in.