Yonnah Ben Levy was raised in Seattle, Washington. She attended Whitman College and received her B.A. in art from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she studied at the Corcoran Gallery under a Zen master ceramicist. She received a Masters of Art for Teachers at the University of Washington. She has been a professional artist since 1976. 

A Sabbatical of Flowers

Looking back on our year of confinement in Israel during the pandemic, I think of it as a Sabbatical. We were in a house near a park and near the sea. We took two walks a day in for exercise.  My eyes became amazingly open to details I had never paid attention to before.  Flowers throughout the year came in waves of glorious shapes and colors as one season played into another. I was never without inspiration right outside my door.

Yonnah’s Birds in Painting, Sculpture, and Ceramics

My mother taught me the love of birds when we identified the species that came to our bird feeder. My art is by no means limited to birds or wildlife, but it remains something I come back to time and again. My name, Yonnah, means dove in Hebrew. I have had the good fortune of living on two major flyways for a good part of my life. One of them is our home in Stanwood, Washington, where geese and swans return to each autumn and stay until April. The second home, that I established in 1981, in Israel, is a land-bridge between Africa and Europe. During my life, I have had many birds of different breeds for pets.

Paintings and Sketches from the Desert


In 2020, my husband and I found ourselves locked down in our Ashkelon home. These Mandalas came rolling out that year – so much fun to use the gifted
round handmade papers from Japan! They are like the gold and jewels. As I see the finished work we did this year, I particularly notice the concept of coming full circle with these images. I guess it wasn’t such a bad year after all. 24 x 24 in. each including a 2 in. mat.


Decorative and Funcitional Ceramics

Yonnah has been a ceramic artist all of her adult life. As a teacher, and often a teacher of teachers and other professionals, she is able to work in many different styles. Here are some of them. Her work is for sale, but because her inventory changes due to sales and new additons, it is best to contact her through this website for any and all inquiries about ceramics.


Dreams, musings, and visions.

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